The daughter needs a partner; The billionaire’s promise would be fooled!

Bangkok: The billionaire has been advertised on social media seeking daughter's partner. If there is a fixed eligibility, anybody can become a daughter. Arnaud Rhodongong, a billionaire from Thailand, has come up with great promises.According to him, the 26-year-old daughter Concepita was married and her daughter was beautiful. 

The main reason for this news is the fact that the daughter is a virgin.He will be given a gift of Rs. 2 crore as a partner for his daughter. And will make partners in business. And his farm is also for the groom.The main business of this billionaire is the production and export of durian fruit. For him, he has a big garden in the Chumphon province of Thailand. He adds that the daughter is already helping business. The garden is harvested 50 tonnes of fruit.Any country can apply as a partner of a daughter.

There is the ability to protect her daughter with joy. I consider a person who is decent and capable. Anyway, his post has become viral on social media. Many commentators have come forward and supporting this.

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